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Crooked Tree (album) delivers the storytelling and rich vocals of Michael Jaskewicz on a cosmic bed of acoustic guitar reminiscent of the best 70’s folk rock. The title track “Crooked Tree” delivers a naturalist vision, and positive vibe, that is somehow melancholy and hopeful at the same time. Michael’s guitar playing perfectly comments his lyrical messages and drops-in delivering powerful leads that punctuate and lift the songs to new heights. Sweeping delays and reverb add to the ear candy on these mostly acoustic tracks. “War That Can’t Be Won” melds dark blues vocals and fiery guitar leads that make the listener fall into the song’s deeper meanings. “Crooked Tree” is a trance-inducing musical journey. Catch Michael live with his band Cosmic and checkout this epic album on his website.

Acoustic Power and Soul – Music Life Now

This album Crooked Tree comes from the heart of a guy who's seen a lot of life.  Much more than you can see on the surface.  What Am I is a song focused on some social issues from the "outside looking in " perspective. The more you listen the deeper the meaning and more relevant it becomes.  Where are the Angels has a very political feel.  It's easily the longest track on this emotional debut, and it features some excellent guitar work. I've seen Mike and his band mates in Cosmic play this live and this solo acoustic performance leaves nothing on the table.  Say Goodbye is heartbreaking as Michael describes a relationship that is ending, but even when you know, it's still very difficult. 

Michael passionately weaves his emotions through each of these songs like a musician who's been writing songs for years. The title track, Crooked Tree speaks to the spirit within each of us to see life from a positive point of view.  It is indeed a gift to see the beauty in an old crooked tree.  Not many possess this gift like the writer of these beautiful songs.

Jim Daley, Author of Grateful Memories; Ten Years on the Road Taping the Dead