Send The Flowers, featuring Lynley Evans

Strength, courage, kindness..... Those are the 3 words that come first to describe Lynley Evans. I remember first seeing Lynley on social media before we actually met. Lynley posted a video of her singing and I recall noting she had a beautiful voice. Then one day I saw a video of Lynley singing on a live feed with my good friend, Brian Abrecht, and I finally put two and two together that they were together. After some time I finally got to make some magic happen and had Brian and Lynley help me out for an acoustic show early in 2021 I was hosting. This was to be the first public acoustic show I hosted in ages, so I was relieved to have such talented friends onboard to help out. As we went through ideas for cover songs we all knew, Lynley mentioned that she would love to do an original of mine as well. When I asked which one her response was "I know all your songs dude, any you'd like". First of all any woman who calls me dude is alright in my book, and second of all the fact that someone as talented as Lynley knew my songs was such a mind-blowing honor. Lynley's vocals brought so much life to my songs that it was a no brainer to ask if she would like to work with me on the Send The Flowers album. To my delight, Lynley agreed!

Grand plans were put into action and I immediately thought of the song, Words In The Wind. I wrote Words In The Wind in 2019 and to this day as I write this blog it is the only song I ever consciously wrote with a purpose. I already had the chord progression and music completed and needed lyrics badly. I usually write lyrics and music in a stream of conscious flow when an idea comes, but this one didn't want to come to life on its own. So one day I sat in a room and told myself to imagine that my wife just walked out the door and is never coming back, now write about it! Just like that 4 verses and a bridge appeared on paper before me, and Words In The Wind was born. I did record the song once already and it's out there in the ether of the music abyss, but for a multitude of reasons it just never felt right the way it was recorded and was a song I always wanted a second chance at. Like most things in life sometimes you just need the right people around you. When Lynley offered her vocal prowess I realized that Words In The Wind was not just a plea from one person to the other, but actually a conversation between two people. With this new approach my first duet idea was born. Unfortunately, tragedy had its own ideas.

Many of you who read my blogs know Brian Abrecht and his terrible accident in early July that nearly took his life. Suffice it to say, Lynley's hands were beyond full being there for the love of her life as well as other family tragedies she was going through. As Lynley and the Abrecht family were pouring themselves into getting Brian back on his feet I honestly thought there would be no way she'd be able to record tracks for the album. I didn't even want her to have to think about the album with all she was dealing with, I felt it would be a burden. I honestly wasn't sure what to do, so I prayed. Like many of God's lessons, the answer was patience. I still had so much to do that I decided that Words In The Wind would be the very last thing I complete, and only then would reach out to her and work together on next steps. I figured worst case scenario we could release it together as a single down the line.

Brian thankfully had made leaps and bounds in his recovery over the next couple months, and then one random September in the middle of the night I received a message from Lynley that, loosely translated, read "yo dude, I uploaded some track to Dropbox for you to listen to, let me know what you think!". When I imported her vocals into the project the song was immediately transformed. Lynley's vocals completed the conversation of the song in such a tender but powerful way, which should come as no surprise because that encapsulates exactly who Lynley is as a person. For all she endured she continues to be a light for everyone around her.

Lynley is an incredibly accomplished vocalist that has worked on multiple music projects and also has an upcoming solo EP the be released soon. She also provides vocal lessons and vocal coaching classes as well. After that first acoustic show we played together I asked if she had and vocal advice for me as a singer. She told me I needed to breathe more. She was right, except that wasn't just for my singing. It was a life lesson that I consciously continue to remind myself. I'm so thankful to have Lynley on the Send The Flowers project, but most of all I am thankful to call her my friend. She also happens to be an incredible role model for my daughter, Ava, who looks up to her with such admiration!

Please check out some of Lynley's music and projects in the links below, and keep an eye out for her announcement on her EP release!




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