Send The Flowers, featuring Dolf DeRovira Jr

Dolf is an incredibly peaceful man. He's just one of those guys that sees things for what they are and doesn't get swept up in the drama of anything. He's also an incredible artist both by hand and in the digital world, specializing in comic heroes and villains as well as characters from movies like Star Wars and others from our childhood era. Our journey becoming friends took way too long, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Dolf and I actually lived a few houses away for years, but it wasn't until after I moved across town that we became acquainted through friends. Dolf and his wife, Tammy, have a son named Nick who is around the same age as my son, Andrew. Nick and Andrew's friendship began immediately through Legos and video games. They both have easy going personalities and hit it off right away. The "boys" (dad's included) would go on to set up fairly regular nights at places like Yestercades, Dave and Buster's, Top Golf, Go Kart racing any chance we could. Dolf and I found an immediate commonality through art and music, and our conversations have meandered from the history of rock and roll, old school wrestling, comic books, baseball, politics, and all the things that worry us as fathers. Behind all that kindness lies a competitive streak, and when we get to playing games ourselves it always becomes a battle for bragging rights. For the record he wins most of the time, though I have the fastest lap in Go Karts! Dolf and Tammy even took Andrew to his first ever MLB game, an experience he'll never forget, and they did it out of the kindness of their hearts. I'm forever in debt to their kindness to our family.

Something you might not know is Dolf is the genius behind my original Crooked Tree T-Shirt design. He took the amazing photograph taken by my dear friend Cate Maclearie and designed a common sense logo that became an identity for me as a musician. When I had the art for Send The Flowers completed I knew he was the man I had to ask to put it all together for me for the CD, and he graciously agreed to do it! One of the most difficult parts was figuring out a font for the lettering on the front cover, and Dolf came up with an incredible idea to painstakingly cut out the letters of Chris Brune's ship art. Not the actual painting, but the digital copy. It's an incredibly tedious task but it resulted in an album cover that surpassed even my wildest dreams. It's a throwback to the old days where the album art itself tells a story along with the music, and Dolf's artistry putting it all together is truly on display. It's everything I could have dreamed.

You can check out Dolf's T-Shirt and Apparel company, Whatever Threads, in the link at the end of this blog. Getting to know Dolf and his family has been a true blessing for me. Some people are just so easy to get along with and feel like extended family, and the DeRovira's are like family to us!

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