Send The Flowers, featuring Christopher Brune

Meeting people in the music and art scene has been such a fascinating journey for me. In so many ways I have found deep friendships and meaningful relationships among people of vastly different backgrounds and situations in life. Books like The Celestine Prophecy speak of destined connection, where simple eye contact or a familiar face is a sign from the Universe that there is a special connection to be made. More than ever in my life I believe this to be true. Chris Brune slowly began to appear into my view on the scene well before we actually met in person. I was not aware of his amazing artwork at the time, he just seemed like an interesting dude to me and I felt like there was a purpose in our connection.

Sometime down the line at a Sandy Mack Sunday jam, Chris was vending his art and invited me to look through his work. As I was going through his art folders we began to just talk about God, the Universe, kindness, this crazy world we live in, and ultimately just trying to live an honest peaceful life. Chris shared many of his struggles, as well as so many adventures he's had. I found a kinship in his ideals, and I realized in that moment that Chris was a light, and any of you who have read my prior blogs know that I have committed myself to following lights everywhere I go. It was right in my moment of realization that Chris turned to me and said "hey if you need any artwork for anything I'd be glad to help". I explained the concept of Send The Flowers, and Chris was onboard right away! What was amazing is as he began to bounce ideas around he asked me how I felt about a ship. In the title song, Send The Flowers, there is a line I wrote "Ain't it like the whistling winds to fill up your mast". It's a reference of how turmoil can be the propellent to finding your path. It was an instant connection of Chris' amazing art talents to what I was projecting in song, and I think it stems from both of our experiences in life. What Chris created is nothing short of masterful. What's also fascinating to me is I can connect multiple song references within his art that he wasn't even aware of while creating it. Like I said, there's a deeper sense of connection in this world if you're just open to it. You know it when you feel it. I believe the more we seek those connections the more we will find enlightenment and our chosen paths.

As an artist Chris has created amazing concert posters as well as incredible drawings and paintings. He also graciously created the logo for another band I am proud to be a member of, Abandoned Outcasts. His style combines bold colors and psychedelic patterns spread with intricate detail that takes me back to the days when band art and posters were at their most creative. But within each peace there is always a message of kindness and hope. Sometimes it's a subliminal message, sometimes it's right in your face, but it is always reflective of who Chris is as a human and a spirit.

Chris has just begun another of his epic journeys, traveling to New Mexico. Based the man I know and his stories of prior travels, I suspect this one will last as long as the Universe decides, and will probably take him on twists and turns he never expected, filling his life with more stories to tell. But more than anything I'm certain there will be many people touched in a positive way for having Chris in their lives. I am grateful to call Chris my friend, and I am grateful to share multiple pieces of his art for the album design!

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