Happy New Year!

Wow! 2020 is over, hallelujah! Looking back I am grateful that I made it through the year healthy, and was able to continue to play live music outdoors. Personally for me it was a year of amazing spiritual growth. I went from being a guy who never prayed to being a guy that prays almost every day. I've changed my mentality from always worrying about the future to now focusing on each day as a gift, and each step with purpose. But enough about me personally, onward in music! I've made one resolution for 2021- I want to play music like a mad man!

I have already begun recording on my follow up to Crooked Tree. What's even more exciting is this time I have some amazing musicians sitting in to add parts to songs, so there will be drums/percussion, keys, bass, violins, electric guitars, steel guitar, and any other crazy instruments I can dream up. Think of it as me getting by with a little help from my friends. "Restless Heart", aptly named after what will be the title track, will continue on the theme of Crooked Tree with an acoustic feel to the songs, however my goal is to bridge my electric jam side into the album in hopes of fully representing who I am as a musician. I already have a couple songs completed and a bunch more in play to make it on the album. I'm also excited to say I will be working with a local artist on the album artwork as well. My goal is set for a late winter/early spring release so keep checking in for updates!

Beyond recording for Restless Heart, I am blessed to currently have an almost weekly Saturday gig with Cosmic at The Lanes at Sea Girt for the immediate future. The Lanes has gone so far beyond measure to accommodate live music in today's COVID climate, creating a safe space to be socially distant yet still be able to enjoy the energy of live music. It's important we support a venue like this who understands the power of live music and works so hard to create a safe and legal space for us to enjoy it. Cosmic also recently released the Bloom album on CD and through . I hope you all get a chance to check it out, we are extremely proud of the work on that album. You can stream the tracks through the free Bandcamp app right on your phone, and Bandcamp is extremely supportive of the artists that use them.

Outside of that I look to continue multiple music projects, from solo shows, to some exciting duo projects, and even more band projects in the works as well. Like I mentioned before, my resolution is to play music like a madman in 2021!

I hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. I hope everyone found a little bit of something worthwhile in what was an otherwise difficult 2020. Most importantly I hope 2021 brings us all together the way things used to be, and I hope it makes all your dreams come true. Image artwork by my dear friend, Tegan James.

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