Covid and the makings of a communal album

Well February sure started with quite the bang! Diagnosed with Covid on Feb 3rd (first symptoms were the 2nd), I was worried I was in for a rough ride. I have to admit it was not a picnic but many others I know suffered far more than I, and some lost their lives or the lives of their loved ones. I feel so lucky and blessed that my symptoms were limited to fatigue and bad headaches and a slight loss of smell and taste. Amazingly this past Monday I woke up and suddenly felt really great. Like, oddly great. Better than I felt before Covid. That feeling has continued to the point of me typing this blog near midnight of Wednesday. Whatever it was sparked a massive desire and inspiration to get to work musically, and get back to my album. So that's exactly what I've been doing.

An album that was going to be called Restless Heart is now changed to Send The Flowers after what will be the title song. It just felt right, and I think it captures exactly what I am going for with this album. What's most exciting is all the amazing musicians that will be contributing their talents to the project, as well as my friend Tegan James who is painting what will become the album cover. When I started this I was terrified I'd have a hard time finding musicians to help me, and now I feel like I have a small army of friends and family. Vincent Livolsi, Ken Sidotti, Mike Flynn, Mark Diomede, John Rango, Pete Tonti, Billy Siegel, Mike Manuele, Bob Scholz, Dan Donovan, Sandy Mack, and a very good chance of some others to be announced. I will also be working with Sandy Mack to find a charity to which I will be donating 10% of all sales of the album online as well as CD's. I very much am looking for something that supports local music in the Asbury Park area. It is important that I pay forward the amazing kindness I have received. The music is already coming together as we swap recordings over the internet, which has felt like a bit like a bunch of mini-Christmas's each time my inbox lights up with a track from one of them. And I have the immense pleasure, and pressure, of mixing and mastering the work of musicians that I consider the cream of the crop. This is an album of my struggles, my successes, my challenges, my destruction, my inspiration, and my spirit. I can not wait to share it with you all and am shooting for a late spring early summer release so keep an eye out.

Over the next couple months I will be adding blogs with a write up about each musician and artist that contributed to this album. Their history, their story, and my story of how we met and why they are all so important to me. I hope you guys come along for the journey because I think there are great stories to tell, and we are blessed with so many outrageous local musicians that are so worthy of the stories they tell.

One last thing, if you haven't noticed I have a merch shop! Feel free to browse and purchase and help a musician keep trying to make his dreams come true. Take advantage of free shipping while it lasts. Sending you all love!

Photo credit Albert Varosi

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