Blessings on my birthday

What an amazing day. I am overwhelmed by all the love I have received today, it truly fills my heart and makes me feel love in such a crazy time in life. I am so humbled and beyond thankful for the kindness you guys all poured into me today.

The crazy thing is it would be easy for me to say this past year was the worst in my life. What's even crazier is it wasn't the worst year of my life.... In fact it may have been the best. At least one of the best. Not long prior to Covid I resolved to quit drinking alcohol, and I did. I have spent my first full calendar year of my adult life without having had even a drag of a cigarette. I wrote tons of songs and released an album and a single of my own, and an album with Cosmic. Got to play a bunch of shows where people were respectful and kind and stayed healthy. I have gained many amazing friendships, and I have lost friendships as well. I have been as high as I have ever felt mentally, and I have felt the lowest lows I have ever felt in my life. But I'm still here, because every breath and every moment of this crazy year has made me feel more whole.

And today, on my birthday, I completed my final class on my way to receiving my Certified Peer Recovery Specialist license. I have been touched by addiction, I know people who struggle, I have lost a dear friend, and I have had so many people reach out to me for help and I want to join that fight. Now I am empowered to do so and I look forward to my journey.

But what truly made this past year the best was all the time with my family. Covid has been a massive test of fragile minds (like mine) and fragile relationships, but it showed me that my relationship at home is so strong. My family is so strong. I have never felt closer to my wife and kids than I do today. Lynn is an amazing woman beyond anything I could ever compare. She truly is my queen. And my kids are handling such a crazy experience like champs, most of that credit goes to Lynn too. From silly volleyball games in the yard, Dad playing gym teacher, board games, crazy Crash Team Racing matches with all 4 of us, all sorts of board games, even dance parties in the kitchen.

This will get back to normal. The music will play again, we will dance and hug and laugh and sing. But Bob Dylan said behind every beautiful thing there's been some kind of pain, and I believe it. The pain will end, and what is the come will be beautiful.

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