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Michael Jaskewicz featuring The Crooked Tree Band, Send the Flowers album officially released on all platforms as of 01/05/2022!!

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Music and songwriting has led me through the most amazing journey in my mind, discovering who I am, my purpose in this crazy world, bringing me closer to God, and ultimately bringing me closer to the man in the mirror. The darkest tunnels have led me to the brightest light and I am forever grateful. I believe music can bring forth thought and discussion, I believe music heals, and I believe music can change the world. I hope in some small way I can be a part of that.

Vocals, guitar, lyrics-  The Crooked Tree Band, Abandoned Outcasts

Featured with- Splintered Sunlight, Lovelight Band, Sandy Mack Jamily All Stars, Baked Alaska



Asbury Park, NJ

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